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Garden Hose Sprinkler
Installation & Service


We must do our part to conserve one of our most precious natural resources....WATER.

The purpose of installing a lawn irrigation system is to adequately water your lawn while saving money and time. A system is only as good as the design and installation. A poorly designed and installed irrigation system often proves to be less desirable than no system at all. Carefree Irrigation, Inc. offers quality installation, trained personnel and we will only install proven and dependable products for added value and performance.

Our trained installation crew promises to install your system in a professional and timely manner. We install most of our systems using a vibratory plow which provides minimal damage to existing lawns as opposed to the use of a trencher. We also have the ability to bore under most driveways and sidewalks if needed, with minimal disturbance to the soil underneath.


At Carefree Irrigation Inc., we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service while offering the best products on the market. Our service technicians are some of the best in the lawn irrigation industry today with many years of experience. Our vehicles are fully equipped with the latest technology and repair parts."

How can we be of service? Let us know today!

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